Open Calls at SaLLy Laboratory

We are happy to announce a call for postdoctoral studies at SaLLy. Currently, no grant is available, but we will actively search for opportunities for successful candidates. The activities can be conducted locally at the Federal University of Bahia or remotely.

If you would like to work with us, you need to submit: (i) a cover letter with a short biography and motivation, (ii) a detailed CV, and (iii) a research proposal to

The research proposal should include about 1500-2000 words, including the following Information:
- Title of the proposed research project;
- Non-technical project summary (up to 250 words);
- Statement of the problem and objective of the research project;
- Introduction with a literature review;
- Methodology;
- Expected Outputs;
- Research plan with the expected timeline;
- Proposed sources of funding;
- Name(s) of the main/co-supervisors/associate supervisor(s);
- List of references.